5 Most Insane Cosmic Events Of Near Future

Following are the five most insane cosmic events that are going to occur over the next 100 years. Most interestingly, the last one is going to happen any day, any moment now.


1. In 2029, the most dangerous asteroid ever discovered named Apophis will pass just 31,200 kilometres away from Earth. This distance is closer than some of the human sent satellites orbiting the Earth.

Halley’s Comet

2. In 2061, Halley’s Comet will finally return to our skies. This Comet has not been seen since 1986. This event is bound to be one of the most beautiful sights we will ever get to see in our lifetime.

3. If humans manage to colonize Mars by 2084, Earth will be seen to eclipse the Sun with the moon in 2084. We are sure that the Rovers will send back some amazing footage like the one in the image above of the Martian Moon Phobos eclipsing the Sun.

4. Sometime in the next 100 years, the star Betelgeuse should go supernova. During this event, the exploded star will be brightly shining in our sky even during the day time and can be easily seen with the naked eye.

5. Finally, sometime over the next few days or weeks after the day of posting this article, a new star will appear in our sky and it will not happen again for another 80 years. If you want to know when it shows up, stay updated with the latest space news and discoveries.

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