Scary But True ‘Space Facts’ 2.0

In this article lets continue to get to know few more scary but true space facts that we started in the previous article.

1. The Moon Will Leave Us

Every year the moon gets four centimeters farther away from the earth. This doesn’t sound like a big deal but it could have devastating effects in the distant future. Implicating tides, water levels and potentially slowing down the speed of earth’s rotation.

2. Venus Is Dangerous

While Mars is seen as somewhat inhabitable by humans, one planet we definitely won’t be visiting soon is the Venus. The surface temperature of Venus is around 500 degrees celsius and its atmospheric pressure is 90 times that of earth. Also it’s constantly raining down acid rain so i don’t think it will be a popular holiday destination once we get the technology to go there.

3. The Death Of Our Solar System

We have looked at theories of how our universe will end but what about our solar system? One day when the sun’s hydrogen is gone, it will expand into a red giant and consume our solar system destroying it completely.

4. Space Without A Spacesuit

If you ventured out into space without a suit you would last at most 15 seconds before losing consciousness from lack of oxygen. If you don’t expel all the air from your lungs you will die within seconds from the vacuum rupturing your lungs. So, if you find yourself floating through the vastness of space without a space suit, i wouldn’t hold my breath.

5. Kelt-9B

Kelt-9B is the hottest planet we have found outside our solar system. Its surface temperature is about 4600 kelvin, just shy of 5800 kelvin temperature of our sun. This planet gets its red hot summers from its close orbit to its parent star Kelt-9.

6. The Average Temperature Of Space

Scientists have worked out that the net temperature of space is essentially zero, to be precise it is around minus 270 degrees celsius or minus 454 degrees fahrenheit. That comes out to 2.73 kelvin with the absolute zero or the coldest physical temperature possible being zero kelvin.

7. The Night Sky Will Get Dark Forever

Go outside at night and you’ll find a sky full of stars most of the time. However, this may not always be the case. According to various scientists, in a matter of a trillion years from now, the sky at night will go totally black forever because of the ever expanding space.

8. Even If There Are Aliens We May Never Find Them

With the trillions and trillions of stars in the universe, most of which contain planets, it’s almost impossible that there are no extraterrestrials out there somewhere. However we haven’t found them yet and we might never find them. This is because galaxies are moving away from each other, meaning without faster than light travel intergalactic exploration may not be possible.

9. Solar Superstorms

Solar superstorms which are rising loops of electrified gas reaching 100,000 kilometers high could wipe out earth’s communication satellites and disrupt aircraft technology. We are due for one soon too as they occur once every one or two hundred years with the last one hitting earth in 1859.

10. Survival Rate Of Space

Out of 430 people who have gone to space, 18 have never made it home and that is a pretty bad survival rate. This makes space travel the most dangerous mode of transportation so far. Still, space travel is becoming much safer than it used to be.

11. Dark Matter

We have only witnessed less than five percent of the matter the universe is made of, the other 95% being dark matter and dark energy that we cannot see or understand yet. So, until we figure out what dark matter is all about, there is still so much to learn about the material makeup of the universe.

12. Rogue Black Holes

If the rogue planets didn’t sound scary enough, there are rogue black holes as well. In fact, astronomers have found such a Jupiter sized black hole present in our galaxy. Not to worry though because it’s only speeding through space at about 3 million miles per hour.

13. Quasars

Quasars are some of the most powerful celestial objects we currently know of. These celestial objects are found at the center of many active galaxies. Quasars are the most powerful, energetic and luminous objects we know of. One quasar emits more than a thousand times the energy of our Milkyway.

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